Family Genealogy

Specialized in Huguenots Genealogy

Family genealogy represents the research of the ancestors, and sometimes the descendants, of a given individual using civic registers.

In France, since 21 September 1792, the law has required that each birth, marriage and death is registered by the civic officer of the town or community. The registers are kept in duplicate - one copy at the town hall, and the other at the Clerkís Office of the Tribunal. The registers are kept in place for one hundred years, during which they may be consulted by special dispension of the public prosecutor. Older records are transferred to the Regional Archives.

Archives of the Ancient Regime are also available at the Regional Archives. The first records were kept after the ruling of Villers-Côtteret in August 1539, which required parish priests to keep records, in duplicate, of baptisms, marriages and burials. Badly applied, it required the ruling of Saint Germain en Laye in April 1667, and the royal declaration of April 9th 1736, to see such registers suitably held for each parish.
Our study covers two french département with different histories.
The Haute-Vienne is the old frontier between the Langue díOc and Langue díOïl regions, between the Aquitaine and the Kingdom of France. It is a farming region, with a humid climat. The population has a Celtic/Roman culture.
The Vaucluse region was created by the French Revolution. It is a combination of the ancient county of Venaissin, the principality of Orange, and the papal enclaves. There is therefore a population of very diverse origins, with interbreeding from the ancient unions with the passing Greeks, Romans, and also the Goths. It is a Provençal land, washed by the Rhône, which has a very gentle climate purified by the strong wind of the Rhône valley, the Mistral.


Maritime/shipping research

In addition to the traditional research on a commercial or warship, we offer a complete and thorough study of ships which have been lost at sea. Our study, including photos, plans and details of history, voyages and crews, is available to individuals, or professionals involved in the search for a wreck.


Research of Land Ownership

France has a unique system for the classification and listing of itís land -the cadastre, or register. Developed in the Napoleon era, the register was constructed using the cartographic study made at the end of the Ancient Regime. Although it does not have legal standing, it allows a rapid recognition of property types and provides a large quantity of information.
This is complimented by the services of mortgage lenders, who give a fiscal valuation of the land, and also by the archives of registration and those of the notaires (French lawyers/solicitors) for inheritance and other transfers of real estate.
Using these ressources, we can construct a complete history for a piece of land, a house, or other building. Whatís more, unlike the cadastre, the latter archives have a legal value.


Research in Businesses

Most of us live and work in a business environment. The safe-guarding of companies  archives is therefore not only a measure of preserving their heritage and their culture, but also an important link for future economic, sociological and historical research.
Our office offers advice in achieving this goal. Also, through our historical studies of businesses and their founders, we provide a communication tool.


Inheritance and people research covering more than a hundred years

As a professional Genealogist we have access to less than 100 years vital records with special authorization of the local District Attorney.

Military Research

Military research is carried out at the Historical Services of the Armed Forces, where our thorough and detailed knowledge of the documents available facilitates our studies.

Le Service Historique de líArmée de Terre - The Historical Service of the Land Army
This centre is one of the oldest and best organized. It contains all the dossiers of the senior officers of the French army since the Ancient Regime. Our office has specialized in the regiments of the Ancient Regime such as the Scottish, Irish or German regiments.

Le Service Historique de la Marine - The Historical Service of the Navy
The collection held by the Navy Historical Service is not large, since the oldest of the records have been transferred to the National Archives. These records are the most familiar in our office, and permit research of the personnel as well as of ships. The collection is completed by documents held at the auxiliary depots of Rochefort, Brest, Lorient, Cherbourg and Toulon.

Le Service Historique de líArmée de líAir - The Historical Service of the Air Force
This contains the files of the officers of the Air Force. It also holds records of all planes which have crashed on French soil during the World Wars.

Le Service Historique de la Gendarmerie - The Historical Service of the Gendarmerie
This is the newest of the historical services, and itís collection is currently being built up.

Our office performs research at the requests of individuals, ex-servicemen, associations and groups, ranging from the brief biography of an officer to the entire history of a regiment or campaign.